Welcome visitor, you have reached the end of the rabbit hole. The Ten Commandments you are about to see are a futurist spiritual message that is meant to inspire the new generations to use digital technology for liberation rather than oppression.

My name is Barabeke, I am an Italian artist, intuitive healer, basic income advocate, and pancomputationalist. These Commandments are my message, and my legacy.

I hope you’ll embrace these words without prejudice, suspending at least for a moment the disbelief of the critical mind because only through your heart you will find beauty and truth in them.


The Ten Commandments

2ktencomHere is a text only version of the Ten Commandments that will increase readability on mobile devices.

I. Follow your call.
II. Focus on the present moment. Look for the good in it.
III. Love and respect others (no matter who they are) as much as you would love and respect yourself. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want others do to you. Give everyone at least one chance. Possibly more.
IV. Always speak honest words and forgive and forget hurtful words. Don’t take words too seriously in general. Cultivate irony and direct it primarily towards yourself.
V. Find your other half and prosper together in love.
VI. Put humanity (and not profit) at the centre of the universe. Use technology to provide abundance and opportunities to everyone. Build egalitarian societies based on community and resource sharing. Give everyone as birth right enough to lead a simple and honest life.
VII. Keep the Internet as free as the wind. Give everyone equal access to knowledge and ideas and guarantee freedom of expression.
VIII. Cherish and preserve nature and its creatures.
IX. Build an universe inside a machine.
X. Disconnect on Sundays.

May this futurist spiritual message inspire in the new generations that a better future is today technically possible, regardless of our flaws and limitations.

Please help making this possible by sharing the 2kTenCom.

(If you want to know the story behind check the  FAQ.)

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