Evangelizing the Ten Commandments for the Digital Millennium requires translation in all languages as it is an universal message.

As reminded on the FAQs this is not meant to be another religion/cult/sect, it is just an artistic act, a futurist spiritual message that is meant to inspire in the hearts of the young that a better world is today technically at our reach.

Currently the only language available other than English is Italian, my mother tongue. I will translate them in Spanish as well soon.

If you like the 2kTenCom and your native language is missing, please support this initiative by providing your translation! That would kind of make you a 2kTenCom “evangelist” 🙂 Which may not open you the gates of paradise but it will get you my gratitude, a mention, plus as an artistic digital portrait I’ll make of you.

Contact me if you wish to volunteer to translate the 2kTenCom in your language.

Available languages: